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National LED Billboards provides our most fantastic advertising trucks for our client's brands. To let people know about your products, we create excellent attention-grabbing advertisements. Then, we project these ads on our billboard trucks. Over the years the methods of marketing have completely changed from their traditional ways, and digital marketing has taken the lead. We also use it to promote your products via our digital billboards. So, to present video messages or advertisements to a much wider option, our LED advertising trucks are a great option. It is a good way to announce new offers or present new brands via LED Billboard Advertising.

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We Promote Your Brands Via Our HD Ads on Billboards

National LED Billboards is a company that lives by the aim to promote your products on every road and street. For this purpose, we show ads on trucks to interact with a wide range of people. It is the best way to attract people’s attention via big screens and good-quality visuals. Mobile billboard trucks can help you market many products at once, and make different brands known to people. Mobile advertising trucks are like moving salesmen, but unlike a person, they can reach different places in much less time and can catch a large audience with just one ad. Besides that, if you want a longer effect of your advertisement on the public, we also provide the service of static billboard trucks. Billboard advertising trucks are a much trendy style to showcase your product. It also combines people's entertainment with product branding. In today’s era, one can not deny the vast impact of the mobile billboard or billboard truck advertising. So, connect with us to use our best mobile advertising trucks to market your products. 

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Our experienced and expert workers have an enormous knowledge of digital billboard advertising.

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The quality of our service is authentic considering our digital billboard advertising service.

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The modernized techniques used in our outdoor LED advertising help to attract the audience towards your brand.

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To Introduce your Brands, We Provide Amazing Billboards

We are a company that provides different forms of billboard advertising such as full-color LED billboards and various others. The reason behind using electronic billboard advertising is to make your advertisements exciting and alluring by adding different visuals, graphics, and videos. In addition, one can put ads on their different brands on our LED electronic billboard truck, and we make sure that every advertisement reaches its target audience. Digital media has shaped the world and made us known in this world. We utilize all the effective technologies. Therefore, you can also use our digital billboard Ad to put a strong image of your brand into the minds of your viewers.

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National LED Billboards provides billboard trucks to promote your brands and services among your target audience in Newark NJ. Below mention our many services:


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It is a billboard truck with a LED screen attached to it, to display your products/services/brands in the form of videos, images, or simple text. LED ad truck can be static or mobile.

These billboard trucks do not and stayed in one place. Hence, a great medium for attracting a crowd 24 hours a day. This way a person can instill the message of their brands in the minds of their viewers.

You can get our billboard trucks by calling us at 917-756-0043 or you can also email us at [email protected].

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