Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to have our exceptional advertising trucks, you may contact our
representative and ask any questions about our services. Here are some relevant
questions which may help you to clear your confusion.

A truck that is normally transportable is used as a mobile billboard, commonly referred to as a "digital billboard truck," for advertising. With the help of billboard trucks you can promote, we promote your products and service in different malls, stations, and streets.

Advertising trucks put your advertisement on a real mobile billboard that may show static or digital material thanks to LED technology. For businesses wishing to use cutting-edge technology to reach the largest audience possible, digital screens are fantastic.

LED lights with a high pixel density can be displayed on digital billboards, creating a colorful and engaging image or video that is likely to catch people's attention.

It's a truck with an LED screen or static board attached to the side of it. These displays feature conventional videos or still advertisements. This truck with a billboard on it either drives through the streets or is driven to a site and parked there.

Investment in digital billboards is a prudent and clever move, especially in the long run, as they have been among the greatest outdoor advertising formats for the past 20 years.

A common statement on billboards directs viewers to information about how to get to their desired location. Offering value to the customer is a terrific approach to getting people's attention and promoting a brand.